MVP development for a progressive car finance company

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Simplr is a car finance company that wants to take the hassle out of the process and makes it effortless for customers.

My role was to understand the users and design an experience to help them accomplish their goals: getting a fuss-free car finance.

Below is an extract of my presentation to the client.

Getting to know the users

My first step was to develop user personas to better understand their motivations and how they will engage with the products. These personas were crafted based on the result of the market research initially done by our brand strategy team.


The clueless

Samantha is 27 and working as a store manager for a fashion retailer. She cares about the future but lacks confidence in managing her finance. She’s not very good at budgeting and ready to make impulsive purchasing without giving a second thought. She’s on Facebook many times a day and keeps up with her friends on Instagram.

She moved out of the share house recently and rents her own apartment. It’s time to buy a car to get around on the weekend. She’s been looking  for a car online and decided to buy a new car that she doesn’t have the cash for.

Financing is her only choice but the idea of borrowing a big amount of money freaked her out and she doesn’t know where to start. While sitting on the train home from work, she notices a post and simpler way in doing auto finance pops up in her new feed and the name Simplr appealed to her instantly.


  • Would look for a complete end to end solution, from sourcing the vehicle, finance and insurance.
  • Often have a level of anxiety about finance and car buying
  • Need advice and reassurance


The outsourcer

Ben is 33 and has just recently been promoted at his investment firm. He is financially confident and always looking for ways to manage money better. He’s tech savvy and inclined to do almost everything online. Ben spends money on maintaining his image and lifestyle. He travels quite a bit for business and he’s ready to pay for higher quality product. He likes the idea of making more money, not saving the small fractions.

The old Audi he bought when he started his first job is still running okay but it doesn’t give him enough confidence anymore. Ben starts looking for a better car, he looks at 1-2 years old models of BMW or Mercedes as he doesn’t like the idea of paying a premium for new car. He knows roughly how much the car would cost and looks at financing options, he has enough cash to pay for the car but he’d prefer invest the money somewhere else. With long hours at work, he doesn’t want to spend too much time on research.

Ben discovers Simplr from an radio ad as the car finance and then googles Simplr  online. Ben jumps on the site as soon as he gets home.


  • Busy for a variety of reasons, both at work and home
  • Will look for someone else to do the bulk of the work
  • Would pay a slight price premium to reduce their effort.


The bean counter

Margaret is 38 and a mother of 2 kids, 2 and 5 years old, she came back to working part time as an admin assistant at a local warehouse after taking a break for a few years to take care of the kids. Her husband works for a factory that requires him to drive to work every day. It’s important for her to stay on top of family finance and save money for the kids. She shops for discounted products and saves cash whenever she can. After getting the kids to bed, she gets on to Facebook to catch up with family and friends, also discover useful tips for motherhood...

Margaret’s car is quite old and had broken down twice over the last 2 months on the way to work. She couldn’t take it anymore and decided to get a newer car with a bit more space to take her children around. She shops around for her car online and at some local dealerships. At the same time she looks for financing options. It’s not the first time she’s buying a car and she just wants to find the cheapest deal. After browsing a lot of websites, the idea of "car finance broker" sounds like she can get a few more recommendations. While browsing Facebook and blogs for recommendation, Simplr came up as an expert that can give her the best possible quote.


  • Financially literate, but recognise their limitations
  • Decision will be made based on price
  • Are not concerned with the lender brand

Experience Map

Summarising the entry channels and personas' priorities.

Interaction & Flows

As the brand positioning was all about getting fast result without much effort, I designed the experience to minimise all the fluff and get users straight to the actions.

First Step:
Instant Calculator

The user starts with an instant dynamic repayment calculator. Users get results based on the lowest interest rate of the day.

Get Pre-Approved Process

An overview page for users to quickly understand a few steps they will go through.

Lead Capture

Basic customer information is captured at this stage to generate a session.

Finance Check

Give users options to automate the pre-approval process by logging in with their bank account or going through the manual form.

Automatic Finance Checking Process

Give users options to automate the pre-approval process by logging in with their bank account or going through the manual form.

Manual Finance Application Process

Users can fill in their financial details manually if they'd prefer.

Result Variations

3 variations of the result page based on user’s financial status

Loan Application

The loan application form checks user’s VEDA score and identification. If user’s details can’t be validated against VEDA information, we notify user with relevant messages.

User can select their preffered lender

User have 3 choices of lenders to choose from when their finance is conditionally approved.

Loan Application

After selecting a lender, user fills in their loan application to get final approval.

Draft UI Design

I did a few screen design to explore the visual language of the brand. The goal was to give users a sense of simplicity, comfort and trust.